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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Jai Lava Kusa Movie review- First on net

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Jai Lava Kusa Movie Rating: 3.5/5
Plus Points:
  • NTR Action
  • Direction
  • Music
  • Climax
Minus Points:
  • Lagging Scenes
  • Jr. NTR gave career-best performance ever as Jai, Lava & Kusa. He Steals the show all the way. Even best performance of the year in Tollywood by so far. His fans will have a blast of a time over his triple and unique role. His performance would surely fetch him awards. His dances in a couple songs will be a treat for his fans.
  • Good Performances by all leading actresses & supporting actors but the Bollywood baddie Ronit Roy Rocked it!
  • Dialogues are good in key scenes. Music by Devi Sri Prasad is one of the highlights of the film. His background score also is a plus. Editing could have been better. The film is drag in some moments. Otherwise it has Racy Screenplay. Cinematography is particularly impressive. Lighting and color patters are in tune with the mood of the film.
  • Coming to the heroines, Raasi Khanna looks like she will fill the void for the glamour show and Nivetha Thomas might have some interesting role to deliver.
Jai Lava Kusa Movie Verdict:Jai Lava Kusa first half runs more on entertainment and less on emotion. Jai kidnapping his brothers Lava and Kusa for interval bang leaves second half to be more interesting. Overall it is predictable yet entertaining first half.Overall It will impress Jr. NTR fans and the audience that likes Comedy action dramas! The movie is will definitely rock the box office and will be a sure Shot HIT.
The film is made on a budget of over 60 crores and for this, the shoot was done on a very tight schedule. The first look teasers of all the characters impressed big time taking the film to another level. Now, the film has finally opened in a record 2400 screens worldwide today.
Live JLK Twitter Review
We bring you some viewers’ verdicts on the film, as shared on Twitter. Here are live updates of Jai Lava Kusa movie review and rating by audience:
Good Performances by all Leading Actresses & supporting actors but Ronit Roy Rocked it ! Overall It will impress Jr. NTR fans and the audience that likes Comedy action dramas ! As per me! It will ROCK the Boxoffice! Sure Shot HIT. A PURE FAMILY ENTERTAINER ” And he also gave his rating as 3.5.
  • Movie Done. Overall Worth watching movie.

  • With an interesting yet emotional family episode the film comes to an end.

  • As the film is heading towards climax yet another small twist in the tale revealed

  • A few tricky scenes are going on between the triplets in an interesting manner...

  • The popular dialogue showcased in the trailer Ghattamedhaina Paatraedhaina Nenu Re...Ready episode is on now

  • Tamannah's dance moves and glamour quotient in the song are feast for her fans. NTR's complete transformation to mighty Ravana is also good

  • The immediate proceedings leads to massy special number Swing Zara with happening beauty Tamannah.

  • Some disturbances among the brothers makes Jai even more violent. Tensed atmosphere in the scene

  • Now its time for yet another super hit song melody Nee Kallalona between NTR and Nivetha. The song was canned in two parts at different prospective

  • The film is back to present days and a very emotional scene related to farmers is going on now...

  • The film again goes back to flashback mood. A few emotional scenes are on now

  • Now the time has come for all the three brother to come under one roof. Wow!!! Jai, Lava & Kusa in one frame and its a delight to watch

  • Jai emerges as a mighty power sector and there comes the end of his flashback.

  • Yet another heroine Nivetha Thomas makes a simple entry as Simran. A few introduction scenes are on between the lead pair

  • Post interval a few flashback scenes of Jai are on now and the proceedings lead to a super hit Ravana Ravana song where Jai character was elevated to next level.

  • First Half Report: So far the film is decent with some passable scenes between Lava and Kusa characters. The interval bang where Jai's character was introduced is traffic and it is a major highlight for the first half.

  • After a goosebumps fight sequence the film comes half way. Interval now

  • Fans are celebrating. Mass hysteria inside the hall.

  • All set for much hyped Jai character's introduction and here comes majestic Ravana aka Jai makes a dynamic entry now

  • A major twist in the tale revealed...some tensed scenes are on now

  • A few romantic scenes between Lava Kumar and Raashi leads to a peppy dance number Tring Tring...

  • Now its time for a racy fight. Tarak as Kusa is too good in his role

  • Pelli Choopulu fame Priyadarshi come into scene. He evokes a few laughs with his comedy timing

  • Comedians Brahmaji and Prabhas Seenu are been introduced now...a few more comedy scenes are going on

  • A few comedy scenes setup in a bank backdrop are on now...

  • Actress Nanditha also come into scene. A few engagement scenes are on now

  • Gorgeous Raashi Khanna joins the scene. A few introduction scenes are going on between Lava and Raashi

  • Yet another brother Lava was also introduced now and he started narrating his back story. Noted actress Hamsa Nandini come into scene

  • Now its time for one of the triplets Kusa's introduction. He has been directly introduced with Dochestha song. Huge round of applause in the theater

  • Insulting situations change Jai's perception towards society...a few serious scenes are on now

  • Opening shot on Posani Krishna Murali...some childhood scenes featuring Jai, Lava & Kusa are going on

  • Movie started with a voice-over message by NTR on road accidents. The film is dedicated to NTR's elder brother Janaki Ram

  • The film just started and its duration is 158 minutes. Fans' excitement knows no boundaries as the titles appear on screen

  • Young Tiger NTR's most awaited flick, Jai Lava Kusa, will begin in a few minutes. We are bringing you live updates . Catch all the excitement here:


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