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Friday, February 3, 2017

Nani's Nenu Local Movie Review- Exclusive First on Net

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  • Movie Rating : 2.85/5

  • Movie done.With an entertaining first half and Interesting post interval scenes .. Nenu Local gives audience a feel of a hit movie until it suddenly falls flat in its final act.

  • With some twists and turns, climax done.

  • A fight scene is on now in the climax..

  • Rao Ramesh makes an entry as the film heading towards the climax..

  • Time for some emotional scenes between Nani and Keerthy Suresh..

  • An emotional scene featuring Keerthy Suresh and Sachin Kedekar is on now..

  • Time for the last song, Side Side.. This Sangeeth song looks colourful and joyful.

  • Some comedy scenes happening now in a police station..

  • Krishna Bhagvan makes an entry as a policeman. Twist in the tale now..

  • Vennela Kishore makes an entry here..

  • Some comedy scenes between Nani and Raghu Babu are on now..

  • It's time for the fourth song, Arere Ekkada.. Nani, Keerthy Suresh's chemistry is superb in this romantic number.. Visuals are good.

  • A romantic scene featuring Nani and Keerthy is on now..

  • Some comedy scenes featuring Keerthy and Posani are on now..

  • Keerthy Suresh challenges Nani to convince her father on their love matter..

  • Post interval movie starts off with a scene featuring Naveen Chandra and Keerthy Suresh..

  • Half Time Report : Nenu Local first half is full on fun with its core elements right. Nani's comedy timing, Nani - Keerthy Suresh's chemistry, Posani's comedy made first half a very good watch.

  • Yet again a twist in the tale.. Interval now..

  • Naveen Chandra makes an entry as a police officer..

  • It's time for the third song, Champesave Nannu..

  • An emotional scene featuring Nani and Keerthy is on now..

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  • A sudden twist in the tale now..

  • Comedy scenes featuring Posani and Sachin Kedekar are too good.

  • Yet again some fun scenes between Nani and Sachin Kedekar

  • Posani is doing a good job with his comedy.

  • Time for a song in the proceedings.. Disturb Chesta Ninnu is a fun number in college backdrop..

  • It's time for a fight scene now..

  • Nani joins in the college as student where Keerthy Suresh studies.. He starts following her..

  • Keerthy Suresh's family introduced.. Some comedy scene are on now..

  • Some comedy scenes featuring Nani and Keerthy are on now.. Nani falls for Keerthy..

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  • Heroine Keerthy Suresh just made an entry..

  • It's time for the super hit, Next Enti song.. Nani's dance moves are good.

  • Some comedy scenes featuring Nani and Sachin Khedekar are on now.. Sachin is Keerthy Suresh's father..

  • Movie is running on a fun note with some comedy scenes going on..

  • Posani makes an entry as Nani's father..

  • Nani makes an entry as Babu.. He starts narrating his story..

  • Hi, the film has just started..


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