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Monday, January 4, 2016

Top Few hair mistakes that make you look older

Every woman would like to stay beautiful at all ages but these days people are looking old even when they are just 35 or 40 years old. Some of the habits and wrong practices are responsible to make them look older and unattractive. Hair styling is one of the important considerations which every lady would like to avail. But, there is some insufficient knowledge due to which the whole procedure gets disrupted. People make some common mistakes due to which they get a presentation of becoming old in front of public. This article will highlight some common mistakes with the hairstyle and the ways to rectify them.

Common hair mistakes

Too short hair

Some ladies chop their hair too short due to their busy schedule. According to them, if they keep long hair, the maintenance of it will kill most of their time. But by chopping their hair too short they are making themselves look really aged. If you have plenty and healthy hairs go for mid length hair of you doesn’t want to go for long hair. Even if you wish to keep your hair short, make it at least a length below your chin or shoulder. You will look young and maintenance won’t be too difficult.

Keeping long tresses

You must have seen ladies with too long tresses on their hair. But, they don’t look very attractive but rather looks really odd. This is the time to change your hairstyle and avoid keeping very long tresses. If have excessively long tresses of hair, this can pull all your facial features down which in turn can make you look aged. Along with this if you have parted long hair with shapeless locks, the disappointment increases.

Holding dark shade

Many ladies have a tendency to keep dark black hair for a longer period of time. But, it is necessary to lighten your hair tone with age. If you keep on holding the black color even when you have gray hair, this will create some unnatural element. If you have a light scalp but have jet black hair, thinning the visibility will be quite common. This also gives rise to shadow on skin and makes the wrinkles more prominent. Thus, make a habit of applying lighter shade to your hair.

Adopting same color of hair as skin complexion

One of the common mistakes of hairs style is creating same tone of hair color as the skin color. Some ladies think that if they go for a dark hair tone, this can give rise to darkening effect of their skin complexion. But this thought is absolutely wrong. You can always provide a bit of contrast to your hair which will easily help your skin tone give a healthy glow. This is the way you will look really attractive and younger.

Inappropriate treatment of gray hair

If you have gray hair, you will always have a need of hiding it. But, even the method of hiding and covering the gray hair must be appropriate. Some people make the gray hair visible by doing which they think they did a wonderful job. But, actually it is not a good practice. Instead of looking wise, you rather look really old due to the gray hair. Try to put some vibrant color and keep some strands white. This will make you look natural and modern without increasing your age.

An odd cut

Makeovers are always welcome but after a certain age you need to think about your age and your facial structure before going for a makeover. You have to think over and over again before going for a hair cut which you have never been associated with. You have to think yourself in the haircut in your mind and then if it suites you go for it. You can also take advice from the hair expert before trying out the hair cut you have never adopted.

Too much hair styling product application

Some people are constantly using variety of hair styling products to make their hair look gorgeous. But, too much of its usage can absolutely spoil. Some of the products are shine spray, fixing sprays etc to make the hair attractive. But, while doing it they simply overdo things which in turn give rise to many complications with the makeover of an individual.

Too blonde style

Blonde hairstyle is such a particular style that suites well with some ladies but not everybody. Thus, it is very important to know which hairstyle suites you are which one does not. Some ladies adopt too blonde style on their hair which absolutely makes them look odd. It is suggested not to adopt total blonde shade to your hair, rather go for some highlights with different shades with the help of other colors available in the market.

Straight hair cut

Many ladies have a habit of going for a blunt and straight hair cut which is also a common mistake that makes you look older than your actual age. Thus, it is important to adopt a different haircut instead of plain and straight hair cut. It is better to go for layered hair instead of the conventional blunt and straight cut.  There are variety of layer cuts in the market among which you can choose the one that suites you the best. You can also ask your hair stylist to do the needful.

Very tight hairdo

Some individuals have a habit of taking hair from the front and back and making a tight hair do. This is another common mistake that is realized by people getting their looks age up. It is better to avoid the tight hairstyle which will bring all hairs in one place and create a pony tail or a bun. Rather, you must go for the hairstyle which is having a hump or is associated with bulk of hair just at the top. This hair style will make your face look wider and attractive. Today people have a tendency of creating front up do that grace their look.


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