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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Top Expert Beauty Advice on Things Brides Must Avoid Before Their Wedding

Expert Beauty Advice on Things Brides Must Avoid Before Their Wedding

Amongst all those shopping sessions, planning stress and the festivities, a bride often tends to lose the glow of her face. The emotional outburst and endless responsibilities can often make her eat erratically and indulge in things that should actually be avoided at this time.
But, don’t worry. We are here to rescue you, before you cause any damage or harm to your bridal look. Let us reveal the actions that should be completely avoided by a would-be-bride.

#1. Avoid waxing and bleaching together

This emerges as a very less known fact amongst the brides that, they should not get waxing and bleaching done on the same day.
  • The minimum gap between both these sessions should be of 3 days; as both if implemented together, can cause rashes to your face and body.
  • In fact, to even out the tone of your skin, bleach should be done three days before your marriage, during your pre-bridals.
Same goes for body scrubbing and polishing as well, which should also not be done with bleach. Have a long talk with your makeup artist before your pre-bridal session to know about all these in detail depending on your skin type.

#2. Avoid cutting your hair too short

Though a nice hair cut is all welcomed on a bride, a cut too short is still not advisable. Moreover, as a bride is most likely expected to don a braid or bun on her wedding, this may not be perfectly possible if she has a shorter mane.
So, in order to avoid the difficulty for your hair-stylist on your D-day, it is better to keep you hair long so that they adapt to any style you choose for your hair. Remember, tresses are known to add towards a bride’s further beauty, so keep them longer to add oomph to your avatar.

#3. Avoid indulging into experiments

As you head towards your nuptials, it is advisable for you to stay away from experimenting with new products; especially, creams, lotions and other skin-care products. Your skin may react adversely to such products and can cause skin-allergy to occur right before your wedding.
  • To be on a safer side, you should think twice before switching on to any new brand or product.
  • Also, if you wish to go for new products, then always thoroughly enquire whether they are dermatologically approved or not.
Of course, you may not like the idea of spoiling your wedding day look due to an allergy or infection caused by a certain product, right?

#4. Avoid Junk Food

You are what you eat! The more greasy and unhealthy food you eat, the more likely it is to take a toll on your skin and make it appear unhealthy. Also, junk-street food can become a major cause of weight gain, which might cause your wedding attire to get tight when the day arrives.
Besides, the street food that we often end up eating when in a hurry, lacks hygiene and hence makes you prone to diseases like, upset stomach, fever, etc. Therefore, you should cut back on the samosas and the burgers, and include more salads and veggies in your meals to turn yourself into a healthy and glowing bride.

#5. Avoid Stress

It is understandable that the never-ending shopping list and other tasks of your wedding might often give you ample reasons to worry. But, taking too much stress won’t help the problem either. Extreme stress can cause acne and blemishes to find a place on your face. It is advisable to reduce stress.
Listening to soothing music would certainly relax your nerves while making you stress-free. Just remember, your trousseau and jewellery will only make you look good if you would feel the happiness from inside. So, it is advisable to stay away from tension as being happy is the simplest, safest and fastest route to the beautiful skin.

#6. Avoid excessive sun-exposure

Even if you have been ignoring this aspect since long, now is the time for you to make it a point to protect yourself from the sun. One of the primary sources of skin damage is the exposure of skin to harmful rays. During the afternoon when the sun’s rays are most powerful, try staying indoors by postponing your shopping plans to evening. Sun has ultraviolet light rays which eventually make way for sun burn, wrinkles, freckles, spots and more.
Therefore, apply sunscreen with minimum SPF 30 along with PA++ every time you go out to shop. The results will be clearly visible on the most important day of your life – for sure!

So, with your wedding being around the corner, avoid getting into anything that can cause a problem for your bridal look. As we said before, always have a long talk with your makeup artist on a list of do's and don'ts that you must follow before your wedding day, based on your skin type and skin condition.


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