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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Top Easy Video Tutorial on How to Apply Blush According to Face Shape

All of us spend a lot of time in researching for the right cosmetic products for ourselves, taking into consideration various factors such as, our skin type, complexion, etc. Blush being one of the most important elements of a woman’s beauty kit, is not barred from this stringent selection process. However, do you think that your task to make your face look perfect is over by just finding the right blush? Well, for those who responded ‘yes’ to the question, here is an eye-opener.
It is not just the right selection of blush that will make your beautiful face look even more charming. You also need to learn the right application procedure, and that too according to your face shape. Here is a video tutorial for you to know the procedure of applying the blush correctly:
Video and Images Courtesy: Birchbox Youtube Channel

#1. Square Shape

A square face is generally wide and the jaw has an angular appearance. Those who have square face shape can benefit by applying blush on the top of the cheekbone in the form of an arch. The brush must be moved in an upward direction, making the arch to end at the temple. 
You also need to ensure that the blush is concentrated more towards the upper part of the cheeks. This will make your forehead look narrower and will also soften the sharp angles of your face.

#2. Round Shape

A round shaped face has no defined corners, especially at the jaw. The women who have round faces must apply blush in a manner that defines their cheekbones prominently. So, apply the blush in a curved shape along your cheekbone as depicted in the video. Also, put lesser blush near the ears so as to create an illusion of an angled face.

#3. Heart Shape

The face which is wider at the forehead, and comparatively narrower at the jawline is considered as the heart shaped face. For this face type, start by applying blush on the apples of your cheeks taking it further in the upward direction near to the eyes and ears. This technique will help you to balance the thinner chin.

#4. Oval Shape

Oval shaped face is considered the best by various makeup artists and hair stylists. It is marked by wider mid-point (that is, the cheekbones) as compared to rest of the areas of the face. Start applying the blush on the temples taking it straight to the back. This puts emphasis on your eyes and makes your face appear wider.

Correctly applying the blush as per your face shape not just saves you from spoiling the beauty of your face, but also increases it manifolds. With this tutorial, we are sure you can now to make the best use of the expensive blush that you just bought for yourself. 


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