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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Top Diet and Foods to Help Gain Weight

While a huge percentage of the world’s population is out to lose weight, there are many who are planning to do just the reverse. We may envy them for having lean bodies, but trust me, they are as eager to see the needle moving as anyone who is trying to lose weight. Many people eat a lot while trying to gain weight but the change may not be visible at all. What is going wrong? Why do some people find it difficult to gain weight no matter what and how much they eat? The answer is actually very simple “more does not always mean better”.
We know that in order to gain weight one needs to consume extra calories and more protein, but these alone may not be sufficient. A wholesome balanced diet with the right perspective, dedication and persistence to gain weight is the actual key to success.
weight gain

Foods that are most effective in gaining healthy weight include:
Avocado: These are full of healthy fats that are good for the heart and provide other important nutrients like potassium, folic acid, vitamin E and B vitamins. 100 grams of this fruit provides approximately 200 calories and is therefore an excellent fruit for those who are desperate to gain weight. Use it with salads or smoothies for a delicious treat.
Peanut butter: One tablespoon of peanut butter provides approximately 90 calories and it is also a good protein source, making it an ideal weight gain food. Enjoy it with sandwiches, salads or add it to the healthy smoothies.
Whole milk: Whole milk is a great source of protein, carbohydrates and also contains other nutrients like Vitamin A and D. 100 ml of whole milk provides nearly 117 calories and 4.3 grams of protein. Take with cereals, porridges, shakes and desserts for a healthy treat.
Potato: Potato is rich in complex carbohydrates and contains amino acids like glutamine and arginine. Take grilled and roasted potato preparations with the skin for maximum benefits. The unique quality of potato, of blending well with different types of ingredients, makes it easier to include it in the daily diet conveniently and frequently.
Red meat: Red meat is ideal for people who wish to add muscle to their frame, as it is rich in protein and other nutrients. Red meat is already rich in fat; therefore, make sure that the correct method of cooking is chosen to avoid overloading it with fat. Try taking organic meat as it is safer than regular meat and is chemical free.
Whey protein: While it is always better to attain protein from everyday food, some people find it beneficial to increase their intake of proteins through supplements. Protein supplements are good, especially for those who wish to develop muscles faster and for those who work out regularly.
Cheese: Consuming cheese is an easy way to gain healthy weight as it is packed with all essential nutrients; not only protein but also calories, calcium and healthy fats. Choosing the right type of cheese provides a good dose of these essential nutrients. Enjoy it in salads, spreads, sandwiches and in many other exciting ways.
These foods help get better nutrition and hence gain weight. Following a healthy lifestyle would help further.
  • Take sufficient rest and sleep to let the body recover and repair faster
  • Chew food properly. It improves digestion and the absorption of nutrients after complete digestion.
  • Maintain a variety in food instead of sticking to a favorite food
  • Stay hydrated for improved nutrient assimilation. This would also help in eliminating waste through the urinary pathway
  • Avoid taking tea or coffee immediately after meals as it may interfere with nutrient absorption
  • Avoid eating snacks or heavy drinks before major meals. It may reduce the appetite for a full meal
  • Avoid eating while driving, reading, watching television or during office meetings


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