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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Top 5 Easy Ways to Buy Lingerie for Your Girlfriend

5 Easy Ways to Buy Lingerie for Your Girlfriend

After a long courtship period, you are finally about to tie the knot with your girl. How about surprising her with something that is very close to her (and of course you), i.e., a perfect lingerie! You can make her feel protected, sexy, supported, and more beautiful by this one gift. However, buying lingerie for women is one of the most intimidating things for many men. The whole procedure appears extremely daunting to most of them. They seem to be clueless and overwhelmed as to where and how to shop! If you are also one of those confused ones, here are some easy ways for you to shop for her basics.

#1. Size her- Right!

This is the most important aspect of buying lingerie. Remember, if you go wrong with this, it can convey an altogether different message to her. So, here are some ways to get the right size:
1) Use your ‘hunter instincts’ for this one. The best way to find the correct size is to have a sneak peak in her wardrobe and drawers. Remember, getting her a smaller or bigger size than the actual one can be a candid invitation to a big fight. So, do your homework right!

2) If she wears different brands then there is a possibility that you will see different sizes in her wardrobe. In that case, make a note of the brands she wears and their respective sizes.
3) If you are not like the snoopy types, then you can note down the number tag when she is deep in slumber after 'that' good lovemaking session.

#2. Decide where to shop

Shopping in small stores can be difficult with dozens of eyes ogling at you. Well, choose a safe medium; try a mall or a big store where you can find other guys for your rescue. Online shopping can also be a good and a safer option.
Smart Tip: Make sure while shopping online, there is an exchange or return back policy.

#3. Go naughty, but not too much!

Do not go blindly by the looks of those pretty, wild things. Instead, buy something that suits your sweetheart’s personality. After that sneak peak in her wardrobe and years of courtship, you already might have an idea about her likes. So it is better to go for her tried and tested favourites.
Smart Tip: Planning to go naughty? Great, but do not surprise her with some wild and gothic stuff.

#4. Explore the world of seduction

Now this depends on how intimate you are, and how long you have been together. If you want to play safe, you can go for satin, laces or silk.
  • If your girl is tall, choose garter belts for her to make her look sexier than ever.
  • If you girl is a bit heavy on top, then a corset would be the best. It supports the bust and brings out great cleavage.
  • If she is of a larger frame, go for babydolls, which are fitted around the bra area. You can opt for dark colours to make her look slim.
Images Courtesy: prettysecrets.com and shopbop.com
Smart tip: Always remember that there is a big difference between what men find sexy and what women find sexy. So buy cautiously!

#5. How to find the correct cup size?

This world of pretty and naughty indulgences is full of stuff like padded, moulded, small cups, large cups etc. Here are some tips that will help in solving the mystery behind these sexy-secrets.
  • For smaller cup sizes (A’s and B’s) you may go for demi-cup or contour bra.
  • For larger cups (like C’s) moulded, full cup and minimiser are best.
  • Go for velvets, silk and satins for their tactile appeal.
  • Cotton, flannel- comfortable fabrics are comfortable for nightwear.
Smart tip: Do not look for anything strapless. It is better to leave such stuff to girls.

So all you guys out there, make the most of these tips and kindle more romance in your love life!


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