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Monday, August 25, 2014

Top Secrets of How Men See Women

It is a medically-established fact that men cannot help themselves from thinking about women. However, it is hard to conclude what are the most usual things that men observe about the female body. We are not talking about the obvious things such as cleavages and obtuseness of the rear. This is an attempt to peek into the male mind-set and find out how it perceives women in general.


Men are inherently attracted to the outline of a woman’s body or her figure. Usually, women with curves tend to attract men. The feminine silhouette, complete with its curves, is irresistible to most men. In precise terms, the female figure refers to the ratio between the hips, waist and bust. While some men might find only one part of this ratio attractive, for many guys the overall figure matters.

Distinctive features

What might seem like flaws to women might be interpreted as unique, distinctive features by men. For instance, a lady might feel that her smile is marred by crooked teeth. The same feature might be perceived as ‘cute’ by guys. Similarly, a lady might think that her lips are too small, making her pout unattractive in comparison to the latest trend of bigger pouts. The same feature might be interpreted as something distinguishing and charming by men.

Being toned matters

Thanks to the metrosexual trends across the nation, men have become less forgiving when it comes to lack of fitness among women. The reason is simple-guys are increasingly sweating it out in the gym and they expect, women to be fit too. A lady need not be gym-toned but guys do expect her not to have too much cellulite. Fitness does matter to men and women with very palpable lower arm fat and cellulite across the stomach and hips are not likely to be appreciated.

Hair continue to fascinate men

This is one aspect of the female body that has managed to induce a somewhat similar reaction over the decades. Men are not too fond of hair being cut too short. This is uncomfortably close to having a male mop. Besides such extremes, the length of hair really does not matter. Yes, there are always guys who associate more sensuality with longer hair. Unless the hair is not too short and is worn with some degree of style, its works rather well for the male mind.

Body mannerisms define sexuality

This is something common to both the genders but it is more clearly understood by men. This refers to the overall manner in which a person carries himself/herself. Men realize that their body language is critical to establish themselves as confident, appealing individuals. Similarly, the manner in which a lady carries herself defines the degree of sexual appeal she exudes.

Fashion is not understood well by most men

Most men don’t understand women’s fashion. Yes, they can notice a popular fashion trend but they are unable to decode what is the latest or the classical look. Thus, as long as a woman is dressed in clothes chosen according to her body-type, fit her well and compliment her body language, she has done reasonably well.


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