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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Top home remedies for Irregular periods

Delayed menstruation has become a chronic problem for most females. One frequently gets some sort of twinge within the breast and go through the heaviness in the lower abdomen due to inconsistent menstruation cycle. They could also really feel lethargic and suffer with nausea. There are generally various reasons for the postponed menstruation which may differ from person to person. Initially there were clearly no proper medications available however today we have many treatments that cold help cure this issue once and for all.  The best part is that most of these remedies can be followed at home easily and effectively.
Home remedies when combined with proper medicines possess a greater influence in solving the issue of postponed menstruation. However it is advised that you consult your physician before resorting to any tips or techniques. Using home cures  helps an individual to bring back the regularity in menstruation thereby giving them a sigh of relief and at the same time aids in keeping many health related issues at bay. Here are few tips that  can be of immense help if followed regularly:

Home Treatments for Irregular periods:

  • Eating unripe green papaya can normalize irregular periods associated with menopause. It might even work for other types of irregular periods too.
  • Take the roots of a banyan tree, boil it in a cup of water for about 10 minutes. Add 2-3 tbsp of  cow’s milk to this decoction and have it at bed time daily.
  • Having saunf (fennel) seeds daily also helps in regulating monthly periods.
  • Grapes are very useful ingredient in helping one have regular periods. Drinking grape-juice on a daily basis helps in regularizing your menstruation. Apart from that you can also add grapes to your normal diet to prevent sch irregular menstrual period issue in the future. However excess consumption of grapes may result in side-effects like lose motions too.
  • One may also take have a cup of decoction make of bitter gourd (karela) roots at least  one or two times per day. This can assist in getting regular monthly periods.
  • Parsley is yet another useful herb in treating menstrual related issues. It is considered to be the most effective home cures for menstruation related issues. Parsley juice should be consumed every day, as a medicine, for getting regular intervals.
  • Take 2-3 radish  and blend them into a fine paste using water. Add a cup of buttermilk to this paste. Keep sipping this juice throughout the day. Have it on a daily basis to get positive results.
  • A decoction made of coriander (cilantro) leaves or seeds can also be very useful in getting your regular periods. This should be had at least 3 times a day for better results.
  • Take 4-5 figs (anjeer) and skin boil them in a cup of water. Now filter this decoction and have it on a daily basis. This remedy if followed regularly will normalize your menstrual cycle.
  • The most common and effective tip to regularize your irregular menstruation cycle is by having a bowl of papaya or a glass of papaya juice everyday.
  • Having raw carrot or carrot juice can also be of good help.
  • Aloe Vera pulp or juice may also help getting frequent menstrual cycles. Following this tip on regular basis can get you positive results.
  • Drinking sugarcane fruit juice before a week or before two weeks of your current menstruation cycle will also assist you in getting your periods regularly. This is a very simple and an incredibly common method followed by most of them to tackle this issue.
  • Ginger is great beneficial in regulating menstrual cycles. If you are suffering with menstrual pain then try the ginger to get relief from scanty or delayed periods. How to use ginger for irregular periods? Boil 1tbsp of fresh ground ginger in a cup of water for 5 minutes. Later add little sugar and drink this three times a day after finishing your meals. If you continue for one month you can observe the changes.
  • Till now we heard about turmeric is an anti septic but this turmeric is used to clear the irregular periods and balance the hormones. Emmenagogue properties help in stimulating the menstrual flow. The anti inflammatory properties help in giving relief from menstrual pain. Take one-quarter tbsp of turmeric with jaggery or honey or milk. Follow this till you see some changes and improvements in menstrual flow.
  • Using Aloe vera for treating irregular periods is one of the best treatments. Aloe vera regulates the hormones and helps in getting regular menstrual flow. Just pluck the aloe vera leaf from your garden and extract the gel from it. Mix the gel with 1tbsp of honey. Consume this daily before having a breakfast. Continue this for at least three months for best results.Note: But don’t use this home remedy during your periods.
These are just a few home remedies which will help you improve your regularize your menstruation cycle. If you happen to be allergic to some of the above mentioned remedies, please stop following it immediately. Delay associated with menstruation cycle is not good  for health as it could lead to some harmful as well as dangerous disorders or difficulties. Home solutions are reliable and so are the ideal alternative treatments for treating delayed menstruation.


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