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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Know What is an intestinal cyst? What are the causes and remedies?

What is an intestinal cyst What are the causes and remedies
People with an intestinal cyst face chronic pain condition which poses direct effect to the bladder. You can now face variety of symptoms due to the intestinal cyst which include discomfort as well as pain in the bladder, tenderness in pelvic area, pain as well as pressure in the genital areas, ulcer like appearance in the bladder etc. People with intestinal cyst have a problem of ejaculation. Even during the sexual intercourse they face the pain which is almost unbearable. If you are having urgency of urination now and then, you are actually having a problem of intestinal cyst. Since the bladder becomes incapable of holding less urine, people develops urge of urinating frequently.
Symptoms of intestinal cysts
There is a great variation with regards to the symptoms of intestinal cysts. This may also change over time. Women also face worse symptoms when they are going through menstrual periodic cycle.  The level of discomfort varies from one person to another. Some group of people feels only a mild discomfort while they face these types of situation. Again, other groups face great pain with severe symptoms. Even the quality of life of people gets affected with IC/BPC symptoms. Some people also become incapable of carrying on with their work schedule and also being socially active. Even the relationship between two individual is affected with the hindrance of sex life.
Causes of Intestinal cysts
 There are various factors that play an important role in expanding intestinal cyst. The cause includes:
  • Some people have special type of cell which releases histamine as well as other chemicals which is responsible for the symptoms of IC
  • If an individual gets some changes in the nerves which carries the bladder sensation such as bladder filling, it can give rise to intestinal cysts
  • Damage of bladder with some foreign particles in urination
  • Attack of immune system towards the bladder
The researchers have recently identified IC in individuals while urinating. It is such a substance that is responsible for normal growth of cells. This lines the wall of the bladder. Many women also face the irritable bowel movement due to IC.
How can you know or rule out the effect of IC?
There are several ways to find out whether you are suffering from IC. This includes:
Urine test
There are several ways of carrying on with the test. During the urine test, doctor will insert a catherter. This is a thin tube that drains urine easily. Or else a clean catch method can be used where you may be asked for a sample. It is important for you to wash your genital area really well so that there is no foreign particles in your genital area. The experts in lab will see your urine and test it under the microscope. They will see whether there is any type of germ that causes STIs or UTIs.
Under this test, the tissue sample is removed which is once again looked under the microscope. During the process of cystoscopy, the samples of urethra and bladder will be removed. Through the bioscopy, doctor can easily rule out the subject of bladder cancer.
How to prevent getting intestinal cysts? 
You can now go ahead with some of the self help option that will help you to get far away from IC and its effect. Some of these include:
  • Quitting smoking completely
  • Making some healthy dietary changes
  • You can carry on with the low impact physical activities such as walking, stretching etc.
  • Wearing loose clothing is also another important way to restrict the creation of intestinal cysts.
  • Carrying on with some pelvic exercise duly suggested by the doctors
  • You must also reduce stress and get flared up with urination symptoms
Other ways of controlling IC
Bladder instillation
Since the infection is laid in the bladder, a proper wash of your bladder will be suggested. The particular treatment procedure is backed with the treatment that is carried on in a cycle of 6 to 8 weeks.
The last option left behind a person when everything goes in vein is the method of surgery. When nothing is supporting your condition, you must go for a surgery.


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