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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Atif aslam-Piya O Re Piya mp3 song free download-Exclusive

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Pawan Kalyan Panjaa Latest Working Stills - Photos

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Capcom to release Monster Hunter 3G demo that self destructs

Releasing a demo of a game has gone through a number of changes over the years. It used to be the case you’d just release a demo to get gamers interested before release. But then retailers started charging for them with the gamer getting the money back as a discount on the full game purchase. Magazines got exclusive demos so you’d buy the mag to play. Then we moved to demos appearing after a game’s release and as downloads with time delays between different platforms.
Capcom has decided to go one step further with the limits put on a demo for the 3DS game Monster Hunter 3G, due out next month in its home territory. Rather than just limiting gameplay to a specific location or in-game time limit, the publisher/developer has also included a self-destruct feature.
The demo has around 20 minutes of gameplay in the form of two quests. If you like it, you can replay the demo until the game comes out on December 10 in Japan, or until you have enough cash for a purchase. However, your replays have been limited too. After 30 starts/loads, the demo stops working.
There’s no explanation as to why Capcom has decided to do this. Is it worried gamers will think one quest is enough to satiate their need for Monster Hunter gameplay? It seems unlikely, but I can’t think of another explanation for stopping a demo being played.
The demo is a 169MB download and Capcom also state that they might decide to terminate access to it without warning. So even if you haven’t used up your 30 loads, the demo may just disappear.
via Kotaku and Capcom (translated)

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3DConnexion announces SpaceMouse Pro for 3D aficionados, galactic rodents

3DConnexion's SpaceMouse Pro won't do much to quench your nostalgia for Hickory, Dickory or Dock, but it could make your three dimensional workflow a bit easier. Announced yesterday, this new peripheral boasts a proprietary "six degrees of freedom sensor" for smoother 3D navigation, along with a quintet of QuickView keys, providing instant access to 12 different viewing angles. Compatible with both PCs and Macs, the mouse also features four "intelligent function keys" to control your most frequently used apps, as well as an onscreen display for instant feedback. Designers, engineers and astronauts can grab the SpaceMouse Pro for $300, at the source link below.

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Haripriya Hot Photo Shoot

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Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to do own stunts!

Hollywood action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger may be 64 years old, but he refuses to use stuntman and insists on doing is own stunts.
Arnold has been filming Last Stand in New Mexico for nearly two months. TMZ.com reports that the sources said that A.S. has politely declined the producers’ offer to put stuntmen in the dangerous scenes, because he thinks it’s just more believable for him to do it himself.
In the film, among other things, in one scene he’s driving a Camaro, dragging a "bad guy behind" — even though the scene involves crazy driving, it seems the bad guy is the one who needs a double.
Arnold is also doing a scene where he’s suspended high above the ground by ropes and reports say this scene is dangerous.(IANS)

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Shahrukh Khan’s daughter turns storyteller

Actor Shahrukh Khan is all gaga over his daughter Suhana emerging as a storyteller at a national event. "On a happier note Suhana won an award at katha national story writing competition. Yippeee!!! Another story teller in the house!!! (sic),"
Shahrukh wrote on micro-bogging site twitter. The actor recently shot a special promotional video for director Farhan Akhtar’s forthcoming film, Don 2 that is schedule to release on December 23.
"Having fun shooting Don 2 song…its so heartwarming to be with people who love you as they work. Thanx Vaibhavi, Farhan & Bos…feel happy at shoot (sic)," he said.(PTI)

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Dhanush’s ‘Kolaveri Di’ crossed 1 crore

Tamil star Dhanush is on cloud nine when Big B Amitabh Bacchhan tweeted for Dhanush as ‘T 568 -Just heard #Kolaveri after much talk on it … its so original and catchy ..congrats Dhanush and Aishwarya(Rajni’s daughter) .. love’.
To which Dhanush responded as ‘Its a gr8 honor 2 get a tweet 4m big b,very kind of him.I dedicate d tweet 2 all u Guys who made kolaveri this big.love you guys. God bless’
Since its release on 16th of this month (November), the song ’Kolaveri Di’ has crossed more than 10 million hits in YouTube. The song has spread like a virus all over the world among all the age groups with its funny English lyrics.
The song was composed by a 21 Year old Anirudh Ravichander and is sung by Dhanush himself in his own conventional way for his movie ‘3’ which is being directed by his wife Aishwayra. Shruti Haasan is playing the female lead role opposite to Dhanusj in the movie.

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Sanghrshana releasing tomorrow!

Allari Naresh and Sashi Kumar starrer Tamil film "Poraali" has dubbed in Telugu with the title "Sanghrshana" and now the movie is all set to release on December 1st, 2011. The movie is releasing on tomorrow in both Telugu and Tamil languages simultaneously. Colours Swathi and Vasundhara are playing the female lead roles in the film.

The film has all the social elements, Allari Naresh and Sashi Kumar are playing two middle-class youngsters in the film. The story deals with everybody face many hurdles in their lives, and this film shows how to overcome those hurdles and go on with life. The film story mainly revolves between the four characters Allari Naresh, Sashi Kumar, Swathi and Vasundhara.
Vedaraju Timbu is producing the film on the banner of Timbu Productions while Ranjith Movies is presenting the film. Samudra Khani, who earlier directed "Sambho Siva Sambho" is directing the film. Music has scored by Sundar C Babu.

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Pawan Kalyan skips the shoot for Ram Charan’s engagement!

Power star Pawan Kalyan is supposed to join in the film shoot of his forthcoming film titled "Gabbar Singh", which starts from tomorrow (December 1st) in Pollachi. But now Pawan Kalyan has decided to skip the first day shoot of Gabbar Singh because to attend the Ram Charan’s engagement on December 1st, earlier also many rumors are spread that all is not well between Mega Family, so that only no one from Mega Family attended the audio launch event of Panjaa. Now, Pawan Kalyan wants to clear the air by attending the Ram Charan’s engagement ceremony.

The new schedule shooting of Gabbar Singh starts from tomorrow at Pollachi. The film’s heroine Sruthi Hassan is also joining in the film’s shoot, but Pawan Kalyan will join in the film’s shoot from December 2nd. The film is being directed by Harish Shankar of Mirapakaya fame and produced by Bandla Ganesh on Parameswara arts banner. Devisri Prasad is composing the music for the film.

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The Dirty Picture Movie Review

Intermittently, real life is far more appealing and compelling than fiction. And a biopic — which attempts to recount a person’s life story or at least the most historically momentous years of his/her life — is most demanding for not just the storyteller/s, but also the actors who bracket together with those films. Occasionally, a dash of some imaginary anecdotes are incorporated in biopics, since the moviegoer seeks some diversion and entertainment in a movie, besides enlightenment.
Having said that I’d like to add that it’s easier to take a recognizable route, to opt for the tried and tested, but it’s frightfully difficult to be diverse. Producers Shobha Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor are known for accepting challenges and backing films like LOVE SEX AUR DHOKHA, RAGINI MMS and SHOR IN THE CITY and along with director Milan Luthria and writer Rajat Aroraa had successfully recreated the bygone era with flourish in ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI. Now THE DIRTY PICTURE fires all powerful bullets to stir your mind’s eye.
The general feeling is, THE DIRTY PICTURE is a biopic on the life and times of Silk Smitha, a sought-after actress of the 80s. I personally feel that THE DIRTY PICTURE draws inspiration from the struggling female actors in the 80s, whose insurmountable and indomitable spirit made them emerge triumphant and create a distinctive space for themselves in the male-dominated industry. It’s a recreation of an era, with the makers seeking motivation from a lot of characters to create this one woman.
Let me clear this at the very outset. THE DIRTY PICTURE not only draws attention to the life of a sex goddess, but also makes us responsive of the catastrophe behind the facade. Silk — the principal character in THE DIRTY PICTURE — provides titillation to millions of viewers, but dies a forlorn and heartbreaking death. She battles fame, fortune and alcohol. Brave, daring and provocative, THE DIRTY PICTURE doesn’t cross the line into impropriety and offensiveness.
Envisage a junior artist who became the most sought after female protagonist of the early 80s. Chronicling the meteoric rise and steep fall of a screen sensation, THE DIRTY PICTURE is set against the colorful and entertaining setting of the South film industry of the 80s.
The quintessential siren, Silk, knew her spectators and it didn’t seem like anything would stop the intensely motivated starlet, till it did, in the shape of unrequited love. To the world, she was the queen of sensuality. But, at heart, Silk was just another woman craving for true love. An unfortunate encounter with deceit and infidelity led to dire consequences!
First things first! Milan Luthria is brave and intelligent. Brave, because Milan steps out of the comfort zone to narrate the tragic story of an actress. Intelligent, because THE DIRTY PICTURE does not develop into a dry and depressing fare at any juncture. This one stresses on — as Vidya puts it — entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. Well narrated and wonderfully executed, THE DIRTY PICTURE is sure to strike a chord with the avid moviegoer. I’d like to give brownie points to Rajat Aroraa’s dynamic script and razor-sharp dialogue. The riveting screenplay and power-packed dialogue will remain etched in our memory for a long, long time, eliciting a similar response like ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI. The writing holds the spectators’ interest and doesn’t let you digress from the screen, except for a few minutes in the post-interval portions. The portions between Emraan and Vidya slows the narrative, though, I’d like to add, it picks up dramatically when Vidya gets conned by a maker of porn movies. The sequences thereafter, right till the finale, take the film to the crescendo again.

The Dirty Picture Movie Review
THE DIRTY PICTURE is embellished with several powerful sequences. Note the sequence when Vidya convinces/seduces Naseeruddin Shah, after he refuses to work with her. It’s remarkable. Also, the first encounter with Emraan Hashmi. Noteworthy! Much later, the volatile sequence at the awards ceremony [the intermission point] is amongst the highpoints of the enterprise. The second hour has its share of super moments as well. The one featuring Vidya outside Anju Mahendroo’s mansion is super. Vidya’s interaction with the two women [individual sequences, both] — with Naseer’s wife first and Shakila, the dancer, next — packs a solid punch. Vidya’s interaction with the maker of porn movies is another shocking twist. The finale, of course, moves you no end.
Vishal-Shekhar deliver a good soundtrack. ‘Ooo La La’ is easily the song of the year [rendered brilliantly by Bappi Lahiri and Shreya Ghoshal], while ‘Ishq Sufiyana’ has long legs too. Another striking track is ‘Honeymoon Ki Raat’. The choreography of these tracks [Pony Prakash Raj], especially ‘Ooh La La’, is straight out of the 80s. Bobby Singh’s cinematography is magnificent.
Vidya’s sizzling show and dare-bare act is sure to seize the viewers by complete astonishment. It’s a novel casting because it is nothing like what Vidya has done before and is completely diverse to her image. But let’s give Vidya the due: She delivers an astounding performance, pushing the envelope yet again. It wouldn’t be erroneous to state that Vidya will walk away with the awards for the sterling act in this film. Besides, she carries off the hot attire without making her character look vulgar or tasteless. In fact, Milan and costume designer Niharika Bhasin Khan have ensured that the sexy-looking persona is aesthetically depicted. Vidya had put on oodles of weight to get the look of the character right and the flabby body only adds a lot of authenticity to the character she depicts on the big screen.
Naseeruddin Shah, who has been cast as an ageing South Indian superstar, sports wigs, dark glasses and painted moustache, reminding people of the stars of that era. He plays to the gallery, provoking claps, laughs and whistles, thus pulling off the role with élan. One has to credit Emraan Hashmi for willing to take on bold, aggressive characters. I actually wondered what prompted the actor to share screen space with Vidya, who has a meatier role and enacts the central character, but he walks his own path throughout the film. He plays the headstrong, hot-blooded, rebellious director to the hilt. Tusshar is wonderfully restrained in a significant role. His sequences with Naseer and Vidya, both are truly fantastic.
Anju Mahendru is first-rate, reminding people of a real-life lady journo, who was hugely popular for her writings in the 80s. Rajesh Sharma, the film-maker who ‘discovers’ Silk, is outstanding. An actor to watch out for! Shivani Tanskale, enacting the role of Naseeruddin Shah’s wife, is perfect. Mangal Kenkre [as Ratnamma] and Imran Hasnee are adequate.
On the whole, THE DIRTY PICTURE banks heavily on shock-value, sex-value and most importantly, script-value. It’s an exceptional portrayal of an ordinary person’s rise from scratch to extraordinary heights and her subsequent fall. Without doubt, it is one of the most comprehensive scripts to come out of the Hindi film industry in 2011. A film with a universal theme and terrific mass connect, it has remarkable potential to set the cash registers ringing for one more valid reason — entertainment, entertainment and entertainment.
The Rating
out of 5

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Balakrishna ready for Sankranthi

It was earlier announced that Balakrishna's Adhinayakudu would be hitting the screens on Jan 12, 2012. But industry talk has it that it might not release during the lucrative festival time. Some say it is postponed to last week of January. But unit members insist that the film would hit the screens on Sankranthi time without fail. 

Though, Balakrishna has failed to deliver hits at pongal time in the recent times (Parama Veera Chakra, Okka Magadu , etc), he is known as Sankranthi star, for many of his blockbusters including Samarasimha Reddy and Narasimha Naiduwere released during the festival time. 

In Adhinayakudu, Balakrishna plays triple roles - of a grand father, a middle-aged man and a youngster. The film is being directed by Parachuri Muali and has music by Kalyani Malik. Sree Keerthi Creations is producing the movie. 

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It wasn't me, says Sowmya Bollapragada

It was very bad morning for Telugu actress Sowmya Bollapragada. On Wednesday (November 30, 2011), she woke up to read in newspapers that her lover stabbed her. Only when reading the entire news, she could fathom that her photo was wrongly used for totally different actress. 

The new was all about a Kannada actress named Sowmya but a section of media in A.P used our Telugu actress Sowmya's photographs for the story. She shocked to read her photo and her worried friends and well-wishers from the industry called her up to find out if she was alright. 

Says Sowmya: "This is bad on part of media to mix up my photo with some other actress. Hope they publish a corrigenda. I am no way related to that news."

Vizab based Sowmya acted in several Telugu films including recently releasedMugguru.

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NTR's Heroine too costly to handle

The second edition of the Celebrity Cricket League(CCL) is getting bigger and bigger with each passing day. Film stars all over the country were excited to be part of this mega event. But, one actress is neglecting it despite repeated attempts from the organisers. And she is none other than Trisha.

Organiser Radhika Sarathkumar has approached Trisha with a pay package to rope her as the Brand Ambassador for the Chennai Rhinos team. As per sources, Trisha rejected the offer as the money offered is less than 1/3rd of amount she charges for product endorsements.

However, Trisha denies the reports claiming she is busy with her prior commitments. "Currently, I'm working for two films. One with NTR and the other with Vishal. The dates of these films were clashing with the CCL. That's the actual reason why I haven't given my nod to them and money is never been high on my priority list," said Trisha.

Meanwhile, NTR to head the Telugu team with Richa Gangopadhyay and Shriya playing the role of brand ambassadors. Salman Khan to head the Bollywood team with Sonakshi Sinha, Genelia D'Souza and Kangana Ranaut as brand ambassadors. Suriya to head the Tamil Team and talks were still going on to rope the brand ambassadors. Mohanlal  to head the Malayalam team with Lakshmi Rai and Bhavana as brand ambassadors.

Recently, the leading Indian celebrity & fashion photographer G Venkat Ram has shot a photoshoot featuring the actors and actresses on the beaches of Goa for the promotional campaign of CCL 2 which will be aired on Television soon.

The curtain raiser of the CCL 2 is going to be held at Mumbai on December 19.  All the matches will be played at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium starting from January 13, 2012.

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Pawan Kalyan goes an extra mile for Panjaa

Reports say, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is going the extra mile to promote his upcoming film 'Panjaa'.  In his 15 years of film career, the actor always kept himself away from promotional activities despite several attempts by the filmmakers.

Pawan Kalyan always believed in the words of 'let the work speak'.  But, for the first time in his career he has agreed to give an exclusive interview speaking about 'Panjaa'. The interview was recorded just few hours back and the producers were very excited about it.

"Woohoo!!! Just finished an exclusive interview of Pawan kalyan garu...yayyy. A big PANJAA blast coming up soon on our official youtube," said producer Neelima Tirumalasetty.

The makers of 'Panjaa' should be commended for making this happen. Every move by them is well organised right from the day the First Look Posters were released.  They showed their mark in everything - Posters, Teasers, Trailer, Audio Launch and Pre-release Publicity. This is a true example of what a good producers can do for the betterment of the project.  

Panjaa publicity campaign to skyrocket from December 1st. Get ready to feel the Power of one and only Pawan Kalyan!!!

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Daggubati Rana's Tamil Lungi story

Lately, the new trend observed among Tollywood heroes is that they are looking to make their presence felt in Kollywood and expand their market. As such, the Kollywood stars already have a strong presence in Tollywood with the likes of Vikram, Suriya, Ajith having their own fan base.

Now, our lads are showing interest and here is the first step. We are talking about Daggubati Rana and news is that he is all set to make his debut in Tamil through the film 'Vaada Chennai'. The film has the Kollywood star Simbu as the hero and this is going to be directed by Vetri Maaran.

As such, even Allari Naresh has made his presence felt as he is arriving with his film 'Poraali'. But given the presence and aura of Rana, the attention is going high. What remains to be seen is whether Rana has got a cameo to play or a full length role. All the best to him on that!

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FIR filed against Big Hero!

His name is often associated with two things- charity acts and controversies. Though the former has become part of his life recently, the latter has been there since a very long time. Now, it is heard that he is again in focus due to a recent incident which has led to the filing of an FIR against him.

He is none other than Salman Khan and here is the story. It is heard that a former IIT-ian and anti-corruption activist Omendra Bharat has filed an FIR in Kanpur against Salman alleging he along with his bodyguards bashed him up when he requested Salman to wear Gandhi Topi and join the agitation.

Bharat is the chief general secretary of the Jan Rajya party and the investigating authorities have mentioned that the enquiries have begun and proper action will be taken based on that. Meanwhile, many are waiting to see what would be Salman's reaction to all this.

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RGV is manner-less but sexy!

Though he is just a film maker like anybody, for some reason Ram Gopal Varma tends to draw more attention and admiration from the Aam Junta. Yes, it is indeed the Ramuism that he spreads which makes him different but then here is an interesting feedback which has come from an unusual audience.

They are the housewives. Recently, a small analysis of sorts was done and it is on the housewives, apartment aunties and their thoughts on Ramu. After watching him speak in various interviews and the controversies he is creating, this is what they have to say.

"Ramu has a brute way to speaking. In a way, it feels like he is mannerless but at the same time, there is a strange sex appeal in him. He is more like a slow poison who must be avoided but cannot be resisted. The way he talks is very blunt and upfront but still he has an adorable pair of eyes and baby face." Wonder what Ramu has to say to this.

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Ram Charan's bachelor party in Goa

Ram Charan who is going to bid adieu to bachelorhood is planning to host a bachelor party to his close pals and childhood buddies in Goa. Actors Rana and Sharwanand will be joining the party on the goa beaches, which is likely to be hosted immediately after the engagement ceremony. 

On the other hand, all the arrangements for the engagement ceremony on December 1st were already done. Chiranjeevi himself has sent invitations to all the guests and the speciality about them is each of those contain Access Card and Car Pass. A 3 phases security arrangements have been made to avoid any inconvenience to the guests.

Chota K Naidu who is known as Chiru's cameraman in the Industry will shoot the event and Art Director Anand Sai has designed the engagement set. Designer Rajesh Pratap Singh has made a special sherwani  for Ram Charan which costs around Rs 2 lakhs.

According to the sources, Most of the media channels in India were trying desperately to bag the chance to telecast the engagement ceremony LIVE. As this is a private event, fans were not invited. However, Chiranjeevi is making arrangements for the special get together to fans with Ram Charan  and Upasana.

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The Galaxy Nexus strips for your viewing pleasure

Galaxy Nexus naked
With customers in the US still awaiting word from Verizon as to when they can pre-order the Ice Cream Sandwich powered Galaxy Nexus, some of the crew over at iFixit have gotten their hands on one.
What they did with it is both interesting and painful to see, as they tore the unit down to to its component pieces to judge how easy it would be to repair the handset in case of damage. They did not uncover any surprises, but the images of Google’s latest Android handset are awesome to see.
NFC battery
While touted at the launch press conference, the NFC-enabled battery inside the Nexus (pictured above) will not allow a user to take advantage of Google Wallet (officially, anyway), the NFC powered payment app that Mountain View has been working on for some time. It’s a bit of a mystery as to why the flagship phone will not have the app installed when it releases in the US, but the handset does have a NFC antenna built into its battery.
With a front facing cam installed that is capable of 720p recording, it’s a wonder why Samsung was not trumpeting this feature all along. Having HD for a front cam is not something seen installed in devices regularly. As far as still images go, it has a capture resolution of 1.4 megapixels. Again, not too shabby at all.
Main guts
The main “guts” of the handset consist of two boards, the one on the left holding the vibration motor and the one on the right being the main board holding the processor and other vital bits.
all pieces
With a large majority of the parts being serviceable, owners can look forward to some cheaper repairs if necessary. The main component that is difficult and thus pricey to replace is the screen as it’s fused to the housing. This is not uncommon to find in smartphones, though.
Read more at iFixit

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Xoom 2 vs. iPad 2: how the specs compare

Less than a year after Motorola released the original Xoom, they are already giving us the Xoom 2. But while the original launched with hot anticipation as the first Honeycomb tablet, this sequel’s release is falling on deaf ears. That’s due to the original’s buggy software and hardware, which Motorola took over six months to remedy.
The original Xoom is the classic example of why you want to take tech specs with grains of salt. The original tablet’s specs compared favorably to the iPad 2′s, but reviewers and customers found it to fall short overall. It was no iPad killer: the only thing it killed was the hope for a competitive tablet market in 2011.
The Xoom 2 is available in the UK, but there is no official info for a US release. Leaks suggest that it will hit US shelves within the next couple of months, under the name Droid Xyboard.
The tablet will also come in a smaller 8.2 inch form factor, labelled the Xoom 2 Media Edition. This comparison only includes the larger Xoom 2.
Here’s how Motorola’s new tablet looks next to Apple’s market leader:

Design and dimensions

The most obvious difference is that the Xoom 2 is primarily a landscape tablet, and the iPad 2 is primarily a portrait tablet. In turn, the Xoom is longer and the iPad is wider. Thickness is equal.
The Xoom 2 is a hair lighter, at 599 grams to the iPad’s 601 grams.


The Xoom 2 has a slightly larger display, slightly higher resolution, and slightly higher pixel density.


Motorola switched from the NVIDIA Tegra 2 in the Xoom to a Texas Instruments OMAP 4 in the Xoom 2.
Both tablets have dual-core processors. The Xoom 2 is clocked slightly higher than the iPad 2.


The Xoom 2 doubles the iPad 2′s memory with 1GB.


The iPad presents more options for internal storage, but lacks SD card support.


Be skeptical, for the Xoom’s uptime is unconfirmed. Apple is known for giving conservative battery life estimates, while most other manufacturers list the highest number they can justify.


The cameras in the iPad 2 are cheap. The rear camera in the Xoom 2 is surprisingly good (for a tablet). The 1.3MP front camera in the Xoom 2 has higher resolution than the iPad’s primary camera.


Will the Xoom 2 get Ice Cream Sandwich? According to Motorola it will, but no firm release date has been set. The original Xoom launched without working LTE or SD card support, and it took over six months to fulfill both of those promises. Android 4.0 fans, buy with caution.
If the tech specs of these tablets look similar, intangibles are where the iPad 2 establishes its superiority. The App Store, iOS 5, and iCloud are huge boons for the iPad. iOS also has a much larger library of tablet-optimized apps than Android does.

Summing up

You get the sense that Motorola is trying to call for a re-do with the Xoom 2. There is nothing revolutionary here, just slightly upgraded specs. The angular edges make for more comfortable holding, but many customers will think it’s ugly.
The biggest strike against the iPad 2 is that the iPad 3 will be here in three months. It will double its predecessor’s resolution, and have a faster A6 chip. Otherwise its app ecosystem and more mature firmware (at least for now) make it the superior choice.
The Xoom 2 looks good on paper, but the original Xoom looked good on paper — and we saw how that turned out. By the time the Xoom 2 releases in the US, it may be competing with the quad-coreAsus Transformer Prime. The Xoom 2 is a niche device, lacking anything to make it stand out. Why would an Android user pay full price for it over the Prime or the frequently discounted Galaxy Tab 10.1? That’s a tough question to answer.

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